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looming fiscal cliff. will negotiations go smoothly or turn into a war of words. we'll take a closer look as fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> live look outside. it is a rainy start to the day for this tuesday november 13th. got the date wrong there. the rain out there. that should clear up later on today. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us on this rainy tuesday. do we have new theme music? >> a lot of new stuff. new graphics. >> welcome to the brand new fox 5 morning news. we're the same old talent. >> here's tucker barnes. >> and that's the word they use, talent. we're not blowing ourselves up. >> the music is uplifting. >> it will be different on different days probably. >> let's get to the weather
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forecast. cooler air moving in overnight along with rain showers and you can see those pressing through the area moving east of the bay and fairly persistent here for the past 6 hours or so. good news is the best edge, the rain shield here is moving into western portions of the viewing area. i think the rain showers will wind down here shortly. and we should see some gradual clearing this afternoon. that's the good news. temperatures much cooler than yesterday. it is really bottomed out here. 44 at reagan national. dulles, 41. our temperatures will struggle into the upper 40s to about 50. mix in a pretty good wind here gusting to about 20 to 25. these are sustained winds. and you have the makings of a very cool november afternoon. yesterday about 70. today, upper 40s to 50. noticeably cooler than yesterday.
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even with afternoon sunshine. here's your forecast and this is afternoon sun with temperatures into the mid 40s. more details on the weather in just a minute. we'll do traffic with julie. >> a lot is happening on the roads with the wet pavement and a number of accidents. northbound 395 coming around the inbound 14th street bridge moving at a snail pace. as you continue over towards south capitol street. so again, the accident activity occurred here along the right side. average speed we showed you the live spot down to 20 miles an hour. there's also the crash that sits on the bridge along the right side of the roadway. kennel worth aven southbound not too busy southbound. the trip southbound along 270 buckies town, more delays headed out of
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rockville. still along the right side of the road. heads up past that exit northbound on 270. there's where you are going to run into that delay. and top stretch of the beltway all the way over towards connecticut avenue. nothing found. but again, bumper to bumper traffic. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> new development in the patraeus resignation. now has a connection to the top american general in afghanistan. general john allen is the commander of nato forces. live on capitol hill. doug, what is going on? >> good morning. this is a long list of characters and we'll go through them quickly. this is general john allen, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. he is accused of
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engaging in inappropriate e-mail exchanges with this woman. this is jill kelly. she has been described as unpaid social liaison down in florida. she also happens to be the same woman who if investigators say received harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. allegedly had an affair with former cia director david patraeus. >> the scandal as ensnared one of the most powerful figures. general john allen. he was slated to takeover as the head of the u.s. command and nato forces in europe. put on hold because of a littles he engaged in inappropriate e-mail exchanges with jill kelly. a family friend of former are director david patraeus. traveling overnight to australia. his spokesman confirmed the investigation.
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>> today the secretary directed that the matter be referred to the inspector general of the department of defense for investigation and now in the hands of the inspector general. >> and shines a brighter spotlight into david patraeus. overnight fbi agents saefrped the home of the alleged mistress with lingering questions about whether she had access to sensitive information. defense secretary penetta says patraeus needed to step down. >> i think he took the right step and i think it's important when you're director of the cia with all of the challenges that face you in that position that personal integrity comes first and for most. >> and as far as general allen is concerned, senior u.s.
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official says he h done nothing wrong but the investigation continues and they are going through 20 to 30,000 documents just in this case. >> thank you, doug. congress returns to work today. no doubt at the top of the agenda is avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. they have until december 31st to reach a compromise or tax increases and spending cuts will kick in. president obama and vice president biden will find a balanced approach to reduce the federal deficit. and now to a news alert out of the district. former dc council chair qualmie brown will be sentenced on bank charges. >> also campaign violation charges which he will be
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sentenced for this afternoon. melanie is live outside the u.s. district court now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we all know brown was a rising political star. in 2004 he became the first person living east to win a city council seat. he rose in power taking the council chairman step in 2010 at the age of 40. federal prosecutors say after today, he will have no political office and be unemployed. he pleaded guilty in june. false information on bank loan applications. one of the loans was for 39 foot boat. also forged the signature of a friend to overstate his income by tens of thousands of dollars. the other charges go back to an audit. 2008 re-election campaign kwauled to report more
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than $400,000 in expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company. on those federal charges brown's original plea called for 6 month sentence. prosecutors believe a 6 day jail sentence plus three years of supervised probation would be appropriate. brown's attorney is asking for no jail time and for two years of supervised probation. that's on the federal charges. you mention this, later today, he will go over to dc superior court at 2:30 to face sentencing for the campaign finance charges. and that he does face a maximum of 6 months in prison. very busy day here. >> all right. thank you very much. >> some of the other top stories we're following for you on this
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tuesday morning, an update on a shortage of paramedics. the fire chief will announce a plan to move paramedics off overnight hours to cover busier times of the day. some people will worried there won't be enough help if a life is online. we spoke with the chief. he denied claims by the firefighter's union that this plan will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> this gives us an opportunity to look at a decade's old system and respond more readily to our community. we've looked at the data for over a year. and we don't have as many calls from 1 to 7 -- 7:00 during the day. >> the chief says the plan isn't complete yet and still needs to be discussed with the city council and stakeholders. >> a student on the montgomery college campus in rockville is arrested for threatening to go on a shooting spree.
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school officials say he had gone through a tough breakup and made the comments through other students. campus police found the student eating lunch. they did not find a weapon. opening statements are expected to begin today in the murder trial of a buoy state university student. police say simpson attacked her roommate last year after the two argued over music played on an i pod. >> the man accused of being the west coast rapist is expected to please guilty. has a hearing later this morning. he is charged with abducting three teenage trick or treaters in 2009 and raping two of them. been linked to 17 assaults dating back to 1997. new this morning, a list of
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dc schools targeted foreclosure is scheduled to be revealed today. those suggested for consolidation would be combined with other schools in the district. this is the second time in four years closings or consolidations have been made. a public meeting will be held thursday to discuss the announcement where angry parents will show their frustrations. >> now to some more positive school news. today more than 300 schools will be honored by the department of education as blue ribbon schools. 20 schools in the district in maryland and virginia have received the designation where students perform at high levels or significant academic improvements have been made. >> we are just a few days away until the opening of the 495 express lanes. the public can begin using the beltway lanes from springfield up past the dulles toll road.
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a ribbon cutting will take place with the governor. melanie recently visiting the 495 express lanes command center and you can see her report at just search express lanes. >> it is coming up on 12 minutes after 7:00 on this tuesday morning. the found are of a popular software is in hiding this morning in another country. a check of world headlines next. >> and the fight to restore power of victims of super storm sandy continues this morning. coming up, an update on one of the most devastated areas. >> plus as congress returns for lame duck session today. can both paies work together to divert that fiscal cliff? representative chris van hollen is here to talk more about that. >> we're giving you a live look outside on this tuesday morning. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next.
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7:12, 45 degrees out there.
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making headlines around the world this morning, a deadly attack in the afghan capitol. four rockets were fired killing one man and injuring three others. landed near a private television station and compound used by the afghan intelligent service. you've heard of bomb sniffing dogs. what about bomb sniffing mice? one security company says they have a heightened sense of smell and fit into small places. they believe the mice one day could be used in airports and other places with high security. >> the search is on for the founder of macafee. want to question john macafee about
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american citizen who is his neighbor. the 52-year-old man was found dead in his home sunday from a gun shot to the head. police say he is only a person of interest and no charges have been filed yet in this case. extreme flooding wreaking havoc in parts of italy. in venice, cafes and walkways have been turned into rivers. hundreds of people have been evacuated. several boats have been carried away from the strong currents from overflowing rivers. >> wow. >> the power of water. >> we learned that around here. >> yes, we have. we wish them the best there. >> locally we're getting light rain showers at this moment and not going to amount to a whole lot. quarter of an inch of rain. most of the rain will east of us by 9 or 10:00 this morning. going to be much cooler. >> sadly, the rush hour still has to go on. it's okay. >> the timing is not perfect
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but will be afternoon sunshine. i mentioned the cooler temperatures. that's the first thing you are going to notice. yesterday we made it to 70. today we're lucky to get out of the 40s. mix in wind and it will feel like november around here for the next couple days. the blue line is your cold front east of the bay and dragging with it shower activity which is lingering this morning across much of the area. and we're getting steady showers. not terribly heavy but steady showers inside the beltway. the rain showers making their way into western portions of the viewing area. things will be winding down here shortly. temperatures, 45 now in washington. it's 45 degrees in washington. 61 in boston. up ahead of the front, temperatures remain mild. look what's going ono the north and west. 32 in pittsburgh. 27 in columbus. much colder air this afternoon and tonight. overnight tonight
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into your early wednesday, close to the freezing mark here in the city. get ready for much cooler air later. breezy conditions, overnight lows. wednesday, thursday, friday look great. a little on the cool side. showers around here by sunday/monday. >> tucker, thank you. >> let's go to julie right now. the latest on our on time traffic. >> on time is wish full thinking this morning. . >> a couple accidents this morning. here we go. outer loop of the beltway. notice i said outer loop westbound 495. that's where the accident occurred tying up the right side of the road leaving route 1 all the way over to connecticut avenue. almost hour and a half commute on that outer loop alone. big delays southbound on 95 travel in headed out towards the belt day. southbound 270 nothing but red. over an hour and a half drive right now the trip south on 270 wide open. no accidents volume delays.
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the wet pavement slowing down our roll. plan our trip accordingly. this accident has been there for a while. sitting in the right lane. big delays on 295 from before the pentagon headed out to that scene. and finally, the inner loop of the beltway problems here due to a stalled vehicle. that's what's sitting in the left lane headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. have you ever had your cell phone stolen or maybe you know somebody who has? might have ended up the cell phone south of the boarder. today the fcc will announce a new initiative to crack down on cell phone trafficking to latin america. cell phone thefts are up in our area. police chief will be part of today's announcement with the fcc and the mexican government. >> 30,000 people in new york's rocaway peninsula still do not
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have power. fire ripped through after the storm in belle harbor. crews from phoenix are in the area to restore power to those who still have a home to go to. people working to get help say they are not getting any help. defended their work calling their operation in nearby long island nearly flawless. super storm sandy proved to be a skruj for christmas tree farmers in western maryland. >> thousands of trees were destroyed when they were buried by more than 2 feet of snow. the christmas tree farm specializes in extra tall trees which sell for up to $6,000 a piece. they are giving refunds to the cia headquarters and old town alexandria. they all ordered trees and will have to get their trees from somewhere else. >> that is too bad.
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>> just widespread and varied. >> keep on going and going. 7:21 right now. a group of local college students with one thing in common. massive protest on campus. what their beef is with the george washington university. >> details about a new soda drink that claims to help people lose weight. and do you think you have the skills to capture a flawless photo? holly will tell us how you can participate. 7:22. we'll be right back . f%?q
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welcome back. 7:25. virginia state police are cutting back from the number of speed patrols in the air. drop in the number of tickets using airplanes. between 2000 and 2008 more than -- cost $150 for
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more than one hour in the air. >> smokers are fighting back to the decision to ban smoking beginning in the fall of 2013. a protest is being held today. more than 100 students and faculty members are expected to attend. they will be gathering at kogan plaza at h street this afternoon. the government on any level doesn't have the right to encroach on the freedom to smoke. >> pepsi is rolling out a fat blocking soda. pepsi special is set to go on sale today in japan. contains dextrin, a fiber that helps reduce fat levels. no word on when it will come to the u.s. >> it is back to work for congress today. the so calls fiscal cliff and how to avoid it. >> brice harper lives up to all
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the hype. coming up, proof big season in the big league was a success. sports breakfast is next. >> and as we take you to the break, a little wet out there. take your time. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. 45 degrees. we'll be right back . 
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the redskins are back from the bye week and ready to tackle the remainder of the season. first practice in nearly a month for garson. still not 100% but using to test out his injured foot. a big honor for brice harper. named the rookie of the year. >> yeah! winner. >> at just 20 years old, he's the second youngest player to win the award. 22 home runs and 59 rbi's on the season. davy johnson is a finalist for today's manager of the year. and geo gonzalez is up for wednesday about the psy young award. >> that would be great. fantastic. >> can i say one quick thing regarding ask tony and tucker?
7:31 am
i could drink a gallon of egg nog. >> not me. >> the only reason i don't is it's super fattening. >> you can pay a certain price if you drink too much of it. >> in many ways. >> in a festive kind of way. >> anyway. i'm sorry. i had to say that. >> you know the redskins are still back in it with all the teams struggling. >> we got to win. we're going to win this weekend. >> i think they will too. >> i was only supposed to talk for two seconds. >> keep going. >> much cooler. the cooler weather moving on in along with the breezes. yesterday we hit 70. low 70s. and fallen back into the 40s and we're not going to warmup a whole lot today. rain showers today at the moment. things are gradually winding down here. and much of the rain here is just to our
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north up into montgomery county in northern maryland getting pretty good rain. here's the back edge of the rain and by 9 or 10:00 this morning, most of the rain is east of the city. and we'll call it quits on this particular rain event. doesn't mean we have warmer air on the way but we'll be done with the rain here. we'll see afternoon sun. you can really see the cold front. the back edge moving into the western suburbs. we'll see the rain wind down. it's going to be breezy and noticeably cooler than yesterday. struggling only into the upper 40s. it's going to feel like 30s out there for much of the afternoon. don't forget the jacket. 45 right now in washington. 45 in leonard town. 30s breaking out here . 39 in winchester. mix in these winds and feels like 30s across the area at the moment. current winds to 24.
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28 in annapolis. when you went to bed comfortable, this morning noticeably cooler. 52. we did that at midnight. winds north and west at 15. gusting to 20. breezy, much cooler of course and cold front with overnight lows back in the mid 30s across much of the area. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday look fantastic as far as sunshine and dry weather. next chance of showers sunday. get showers on the game on monday. let's do some traffic. julie wright has all things traffic related. >> very busy out here. folks keep tweeting me with delays and the hits keep coming as well. outer loop at the beltway. remains along the right side. big delays from route 1 headed over towards that scene. southbound 270 coming in from 85
7:34 am
out to old georgetown road over an hour and a half drive. that's with all lanes open. no easy work around here. authorities checking for the crash there. eastbound on the freeway, the crash still there tying up the right side of the road. big delays on 395 leaving the beltway towards king street. and before the pentagon, 6 miles an hour. inner loop of the beltway that's where i had the stalled car tying up the left side of the beltway. inbound on the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. congress returns this week. top of its agenda , the so-called fiscal cliff. bitterly divided congress and the white house failing to come to an agreement on the growing debt. john boehner and president obama are the primary negotiators. what are both sides going to need to do to get the job done?
7:35 am
chris van hallen joins us now. thanks for coming in. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> is there any reason that i or we the american people can have any optimism this is going to get done before the end of the year? there's not a lot of time left and a lot to deal with. >> yes, there is reason for optimism. there is a combustable risks. but there is opportunities here. with respect to across the board cuts, i think there's a decent chance congress could come up with an alternative way to reduce the deficit over a period of time so you don't have these slashing cuts. you'd have to replace those savings with other savings but that's doable. the tax piece is more complicated. you've heard the president make the point that he wants to
7:36 am
immediately extend tax relief to 98% of american people. 100% of the american people would get tax relief on the first $250,000 of their income. on income above that, we should have people go back to the rates during the clinton administration. and the last time we balanced our budget. >> both the president and john boehner have indicated a willing willingness to work together. the president on that level of tax breaks that you just mentioned and representative john boehner saying what we want to do is not increase taxes on anybody essentially. is there -- do you see any place we can get a compromise when it comes to those issues? >> well, it's not clear what john boehner is saying. what he said the other day was heard differently by different people.
7:37 am
if he is finally willing to say we need to take a balanced approach to long-term deficit through a mix of cuts and revenue. if you don't ask folks at the high end to pitch in more, you hit everybody else harder. so if he's willing to finally say okay very wealthy or higher income individuals need to pitch in more to reduce our deficit, in a real way, we can make progress. it would be great if he put his plan out on the table which is what the president's done. then we could see how meaningful it was. what's the best likelihood this will be resolved in some meaningful way before the physical clal cliff takes affect or you'll get some things done and kick it down the road another six months or a year to give yourselves more time to work on the bigger issues? >> when it comes to this
7:38 am
sequester, i think there's a chance we could at least come up with an alternative set of savings. i would hope to carry us through the remainder of this fiscal year which is october. everybody agrees this is a dumb bad way to cut the budget. the tax piece is a little more complicated. it was of course a central issue in the campaign. the president talked about exactly what he wanted to do in the campaign. exit polling showed the majority supported the president's position on this issue. i'm hopeful that we can resolve that piece as well. because it would be a mistake to take the country off the fiscal cliff on either of these parts either the sequester or the tax piece. >> polls indicate -- well, everybody wants this taken care of. and many people do support the president's position. what do you make of the fact that
7:39 am
much of congress remains the same. the republicans remain in control in the house of representatives that most people were voted right back into office. not everybody. >> there were many people in congress who took the position that the republican leader in the senate took. which was his number one priority was to defeat the president. those were his words. now the president has been reelected. the hope is people who dug in and didn't want to cooperate will be more willing to compromise. we'll see. but then you have the structure of the situation. this fiscal cliff which is an action forcing moment. and could create an opportunity to move forward. it's really important in this process, in addition to reducing the long-term deficit. take measures to accelerate the economy. one of the points i've
7:40 am
made is every economist says another one year extension in the payroll tax cut which benefits 160 million working americans does a whole lot more to help the economy than saying folks at the very high end get this bonus tax break. much more impact on the economy which by the way, the social security has made clear does not take one penny out of the social security trust fund. because that puts more money in the pockets of working people who go out and spend it on goods and services in their communities. and at this point where the economy remains fragile, we have to keep that in mind as well. >> we appreciate you coming in to give insight into this. hopefully we can talk to you again. >> i look forward to it. >> representative chris van hallen thank you. >> each year oxford university tracks how the english language is changing and chooses the word
7:41 am
that best reflects the mood of the year. can you guess what this year's word is? we'll have the answer for you after the break. and thousands of twilight fans descend on los angeles. they did it last night for the premiere of the final movie. coming up, we're going to hear from the stars on the black carpet. we'll be right back. 7:40.
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twihards, this one is for you. the stars of the final twilight movie was out for the premiere. fans camped out outside la's nokia theater for five days just to see the stars. stars like robert pattinson. the author was also in attendance. the event is exciting but bittersweet. >> i can sense every single one of my cast members right now and i know they are close. we're never going to make another movie all together. the fans are included in that. they've been in it from day one. >> for the readers we have
7:45 am
surprises for you. and for nonreaders, the movie will be a surprise. >> the last installment hits theaters on friday. our movie reviewer talked with all the big stars. christine stewart and we will share the interviews over the next few days. >> obviously, i'm not the demographic of that movie but i've been to a couple. been forced to go to a couple. that's tough to get through. >> keeping in mind you are not the demographic. >> you are not a twi-hard. >> not sure i'm looking forward to the last one. not sure i'm going to go. >> you're a trooper. >> let's get to the radar and take a look at the rain showers that continue across the area. most of it is pretty light. the good news is it's winding down. another hour or so most of the rain will be east of the bay. and clearing around here.
7:46 am
we will see sunshine later this morning. but this particular cold front bringing colder air to the region. currently, the temperature in washington in the mid 40s. lots of 30s north and west. check out your 20s. 24 in chicago. 27 in columbus. 32 in pittsburgh. by tomorrow morning, low 30s and upper 20s around here. that colder air moving in our direction on these northwest winds. let me mention the winds on the brisk side for the day. future cast, check it out. by 10:00, future cast all the rain east of the bay. and sunshine across north western portions of the viewing area. and we should clear out overnight and sets us up for a cold overnight with clear skies and temperatures falling back into the upper 20s and low 30s. feels like november again for the next 7 days. 52 today. 50 tomorrow. lots of sunshine.
7:47 am
by saturday, we'll have sunshine. showers back by sunday and monday. >> all right. thanks, tucker. >> let's go to julie and find out what's happening on the roads. >> hey, you guys. very much a busy commute out here on the highways this morning. this is where we had earlier accidents where it's finally cleared. but the damage is done. the outer loop of the beltway over to connecticut avenue hour and 6 minute drive over to 185. the crash finally cleared southbound 270 over an hour and a half commute all the way out towards the split. 117. southbound bw parkway. that's in the back way. inner loop of the beltway trouble with a stalled car sits in the left lane. now for those traveling northbound on 295 from the beltway all the way up the 14th street bridge, 33 minute commute. the crash sitting in the right lane at 6th street southeast has finally cleared.
7:48 am
traveling inbound, well below speed from 28 into the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. well gif is oxford's word of the year. at least it is in the united states. graphics inter change format. and it is used as a format for pictures. and can now finally take its place alongside on terms like tweet, blog and google. >> i've never heard of it before but okay. interested in photography? >> a local festival is a great starting point for that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this gives a whole new meaning to kodak moment. dc's photo week coming up. how you too could take advantage of this amazing opportunity. plus, maybe we'll get a tip or two about how you can have a better eye yourself when you are behind the lens. all live next on fox
7:49 am
5 morning news. stay with us. >> closed captioning brought to you by this year, america's privately-y-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪
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freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year.
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and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. today we say hello to our facebook fan of the day. who is jerico. thank you so much for watching. photoers come to our area. >> 5th annual festival featuring the top talent. holly morris joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and think of the emotion. look at our reaction of the photo of the day? we love when we get those wonderful photos in and photos can make us happy and sad. really all are about capturing that moment. that's like dc photo week has flourished in a
7:53 am
short time. good morning to you, sir. >> nice to be here. >> everybody loves a great picture. >> yes. images are so evocative and immediate. and everyone looks at an image and instantly you have a reaction of joy or sadness or noting as power. but it's the immediacy of images that people respond to. >> let's talk about foto week and what it entails and how it's grown in a short time. >> the organization was founded in 2008. and basically founded with the mission of giving exposure to photographers in recognizing great work. especially from our region. but as we grew, work is coming from all over the world. >> and there's a lot of
7:54 am
different ways for people to take part. you don't have to be a professional photographer to learn and enjoy. >> you do not. all year round organization photo dc essentiallyts the foto week. we have programs throughout the year such as competitions people can enter. we run a cherry blossom photo contest. this year a spirit of washington photo contest. there's many opportunities to submit work. >> are you finding more and more people are able to take their pictures with their phones? isn't that amazing? >> yes, these days actually, many images are so powerful and so strong that you would not know if they were taken with an iphone or with a potentially $4,000 camera. which is what is so wonderful. i'm making my way over here cause we want to talk
7:55 am
about portfolio reviews. whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can have someone come talk about your photos. come on around here. dan is with the blurb. he is a national recognized photographer. you've taken pictures for magazine, newspaper, commercial. let's talk a little about what makes a good photo. >> there's a lot of things that can make a great photograph. if we look historically, there's a couple that are prevalent. like light and timing and composition. and i think light, for example, with this picture over here i think obviously the color of that image is what pulls us in. you have the deep rich red. and creates the emotional impact from that. you have ingredients, things like
7:56 am
timing. a picture like this where you have this person at this peak moment in time where that particular moment will never happen again. and the photographer is right in the middle of it. >> you know what i think will help make that easier? is the camera phone. you have it with you. you are almost never in that moment where if only i had my camera. you always have your phone. >> a lot of people say what camera do you buy? >> whatever you'll carry. and the great thing about the camera phone is everybody has it with them. it's ignited the population's desire to make pictures more so ever. >> i have to go but if there's one thing you could say, this is the one thing you can do to make your pictures better, it would be? >> shoot something that you care about. find something you are passionate about. >> good advice. we have a link to theirs so you can find out
7:57 am
about the workshops and exhibits. in our next hour, we have michael melford joining us. and he's going to tell us his stories behind his photos. >> looking forward to it. thank you. >> new turns in the scandal of general david patraeus. a lawyer stops by to discuss the legal ramifications of this case. >> babies love them. parents do too. but are pacifiers safe for our children? the fox medical team has a warning about potential health risks. we will be right back. 7:57.
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> straight ahead at 8:00, a new twist in the sex scandal that brought down david patraeus. why another military official is under investigation. >> plus, it is punishment day for kwame brown. we will have a live report. >> and later, babies love them. so do parents. is that pacifier safe for kids? we're going to check in with the
8:01 am
experts. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. a whole lot of babies said what? >> wait a minute. >> don't mess with the binkies. >> what did you call it? >> binkie. >> that's what we called it. >> never had one so i don't know. >> really? >> i used to use my thumb. >> we couldn't afford anything. >> is that what they are called? >> it's a nickname. >> i didn't know. interesting. all right. radar, showers falling across the area. cold front coming through leaving us with much cooler air falling back into the 40s. and later this afternoon even with sunshine, we're only going to be in the 40s. a jacket for the next hour and much of the rain should wind down here quickly. temperatures, 44 in washington. keep falling.
8:02 am
42 out at dulles and bwi marshal. highs, lucky to get into 40s or 50. and mix in winds gusting to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. these are sustained winds. 14 in washington and 10 in manassas. 52. we'll see sunshine later today. giving you the five day forecast. bring a jacket today. >> all right. now let's check in with julie for a look at your on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> someone just tweeted me and said traffic is disrespectful today. and my answer is who you telling? i understand. couple accidents that started off our rush hour commute all of which has cleared except for the delay. 106 minutes. well over an hour and
8:03 am
a half drive on this outer loop. major tie ups to report. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway from i 195 about a 45 minute commute. they were checking for a car fire. whatever was reported down here has cleared. lanes are open once again. trip southbound on i 95 from 32 down to about 31 miles an hour, you'll slow down to 20 miles an hour and that's the pace towards the outer loop of the beltway. 16 miles an hour and head west. 29 stacking up from before fairland road. coming in from the west off of 66, again, traffic is slowing here all the way in towards vienna. the trip inbound on the dulles toll road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> there is a new twist in the general david patraeus scandal. the pentagon says the top
8:04 am
american commander in afghanistan is now also under investigation. general john allen has what's being called an inappropriate communication with jill kelley who got threatening e-mails from david patraeus's mistress. the fbi referred the matter to the pentagon on sunday and yesterday defense secretary ordered an investigation into now general allen. the fbi is also working on a time line of the affair between broadwell and patraeus. searched broadwell's home. they were seen carrying boxes but no comment on what exactly they were looking for. >> former dc council chairman kwame brown is scheduled to be
8:05 am
sentenced. he resigned and pleaded guilty back in june to bank froud and finance charges. his lawyers are asking for two years with supervised release with no jail time. melanie is live in northwest dc with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, tony. the answer to the question is it depends in what happens in two separate sentencing hearings today. the first one this morning here in federal court on bank fraud charges. the second on campaign finance violations. prosecutors are asking for a 6 day jail term but a stiffer penalty in the second case is possible. brown pleaded guilty in june after a year long investigation. the federal charges relate to providing false information on bank loans applications. also forged the signature of a friend on an application and two forms to overstate his income by tens
8:06 am
of thousands of dollars. the other charges go back to an audit by campaign finance. 2008 election campaign, more than $400,000 in unreported contributions and expenditures and a side bank account that had not been reported. two sentencing hearings today for the former council chairman. first one starts here at federal court. and go over to dc superior court. in that case, he faces a maximum of 6 months in prison. back to you. >> thank you. >> now, two other big court cases we're following today. first, a plea hearing for the east coast rapist. today in prince william county, erin thomas will please guilty to abducting three teenage girls
8:07 am
and raping two of them. >> opening statements began today in the murder trial of alexis simpson. she's accused of stabbing her roommate to death over an argument over loud music. >> and 7 minutes after 8:00 now. time for a check on today's other top stories. >> good morning again. >> we begin in the district where in just a few hours from now, school's chancellor will announce which city schools she is recommending to close or consolidate. second time the city has cut the number of schools they oversee. public hearing this thursday about that issue. also today, dc's fire chief will announce a plan to change the paramedic schedule. off the overnight shift and redistricted during busier times of the day. critics say they worry there will not be enough
8:08 am
help if a life is on the line. the plan is not complete yet. the white house wants to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff. kick off a series of meetings to brainstorm ways to do it. first up, a sit down with leaders from the labor community. discuss ways to keep the community growing and find a balanced approach to reduce the federal deficit. congress heads back to work after a 7 week break. the fiscal cliff and the cia sex scandal will dominate the session. and finally, are people getting dumber? a stanford university researcher says yes. dr. carol crabtree says humans have been losing intelligence. in early civilization, people had to be smarter in order to survive so their brains worked that much harder. over the past 3,000 years, he says gene mutations
8:09 am
have been working against our intelligence. can you believe that? >> i don't believe that. i can think on my own. >> see, it's happening already. >> thank you. that's an interesting story. >> prompter next. >> still ahead, special ceremony that could mark the beginning of major delays on part of the beltway. >> first, though, a milestone moment in a recovery from super storm sandy. 8:09. we'll be right back .
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
welcome back, everybody. good news for parts of new jersey still cleaning up after super storm sandy. the governor says starting today the odd/even system of gas rationing is over. and the head of new jersey's transit says the damaged rail line could be back up and running sooner than expected. in neighboring new york, still a long way to new york.
8:13 am
long island residents without power for two weeks say they are way past fed up. most of the utilities are back up and running, state run long island power authority still has almost 60,000 outages. >> just horrible there. >> sure is. >> it's 13 minutes after 8:00. we turn our attention to tucker barnes for word on the forecast. >> and a little cuteness today. >> you got it, guys. we need it because of the rain and the cool temperatures. let's do to. time now for my first 5 photo of the day. if you get a chance read the description along with me. today we say hello to three year old ammel camphor. his parents tell us he's a doubliy child with lot -- bubbly child
8:14 am
who likes to sing, dance and play the drum. send us your child's picture, go to what a well dressed guy. >> he is extremely cute. >> i wish i could have a conversation with him today. i bet he's got a lot of wisdom. he's really cute. >> yeah. just a handsome fellow. i love the matching bow tie. >> so cute. >> you are going to need the rain jacket if you are headed off to school with your mom and dad. because we have very chilly rain showers moving through. it's a chilly one later today if you are headed to the playground. temperatures will be in the upper 40s and maybe 50 this afternoon. let's get to the map and take a look at the rain showers. good news it's winding down just out to the west. the rain showers continue out towards dulles and sterling. that's the back edge of it. we should see
8:15 am
the rain showers breakup here shortly. and i think by 9 or 10:00, should be done with the rain and dealing with left over cloud cover. eventually sunshine. although, noticeably cooler than yesterday. yesterday in the low 70s. today afternoon highs will be in the 40s to about 50. temperature at reagan national, 44 degrees. check out all that cold air to the north and west. again, take the cool seriously here as our temperatures are going to remain on the chilly side for the next couple days. here's your 7 day forecast. 52 today. cold tonight. 50 tomorrow. and there's your 7 day. we'll get more shower s late sunday and monday. that's weather. let's do traffic. good morning, julie. >> it's been very busy out here on the roads and we still have traffic that's gridlocked. with the commute coming out of greenbelt over an hour and a half drive. 106 minutes to be exact on the outer loop.
8:16 am
the trip on the southbound parkway still complicated from 195 to the beltway. southbound on 95 your delay on 32. 20 miles an hour in laurel and 16 miles an hour. southbound 29 you are backed up as well headed out towards the beltway. southbound 270 well over an hour drive headed out towards the split. eastbound 66 delays coming inbound. and again over an hour drive just trying to get in towards vienna. leaving 28 at 26 miles an hour headed in towards the main toll plaza. finally on 295 delay extends up and across the 14th street bridge. almost a 35 minute commute from the beltway headed in towards southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you so much. as if congress didn't have enough, tomorrow law makers will hold a
8:17 am
closed door meeting looking into why they were never told about david patraeus's affair. we want to look at the legal implications. joining us within sight, attorney jacob frankle. good morning. on the face of it, it looks like a man who had an affair with a woman. but this is general david patraeus and he is the holder of many top secret information with the cia and so it becomes another matter all together. what are the ramifications here legally. >> i think you hit the issue on the head. it's really about human frailty on one hand. on the other hand, going back to when i was a prosecutor, public service is a public trust. and when that gets compromised whether it be ethics perception, often what comes into play is the need for that agency leader
8:18 am
to step down. to your question about legal ramifications, really all this talk about national security. there's an act that was passed in 1917. rarely have there been successful prosecutions, let alone investigations that have come from that. because there needs to be proof that not only was the information national defense information but it was passed to somebody who was not authorized to receive it. and then that passing on of that information was for the purpose of harming the united states or helping a foreign power. and then shift into classified information. publishing classified information, believe it or not is not a violation of law. in i think 2000, clinton vetoed a law that would make public classified information a felony. the attorney general came to the conclusion that the
8:19 am
laws were sufficient. so really, in terms of substance, this is likely something that falls between the crack ands really more a political issue. accountability to congress about what information congress gets when what is important in making sure that national security information is protected. >> so basically congress is upset and wants to know why since the fbi has been looking at this since the summer but not told until election day that this was an issue. >> i think very much so and the other piece of that is there's the difference between the right and expectation that our federal law enforcement agencies will investigate. and that investigationmorphing into an actual case. somebody blackmailing general patraeus. and they are going to
8:20 am
investigate that. based on the statutes that are potential leah applicable. as long as nobody lies to congress, this will be a political issue more so than a legal issue. >> yet he stepped down right in the middle, we're about to have the hearings on what happened in libya. he was supposed to testify in that. he steps down now. could it be he's following a moral code or might there be something else? i know i'm asking you a lot. >> you are entitled to ask. and the short answer is we don't know. but seems as if there's a moral issue. a personal issue making the decision that once this becomes public, steps out of the public lime light and deal with a personal aspects of this. because again, it's really where we started. dealing with the human relationships and the pressure of that spotlight. what you often hope is you have these
8:21 am
high profile matters and scrutiny is brought to bear. so often we talk about qualified leaders, the question is will there be fall out beyond just the generals who have been brought into the mix. >> that's right, two now. brought into the mix of e-mail information. >> we're out of time. i just have to ask one word answer here. there's another woman involved, miss kelley. broadwell supposedly threatened her on the internet. do we have laws as far as that goes? different laws when it comes to phones? >> state and federal law can apply and investigation will bear out. >> all right. thanks so much for join obstetrics-gynecology us. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be right back. alright let's break it down.
8:22 am
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in 7 years, the united states is projected to become the biggest produce error the largest producer of oil in the world. >> we will still have to import oil. but by 2035 we will be self-sufficient. right now we import 20% of our oil. predicting by 2020 we will produce more oil than saudi
8:25 am
arabia at least temporarily. >> mortgage holders are doing a better job of paying on time. the credit reporting agency says the number of people behind on their payments dropped in the third quarter to the lowest point in more than three years. but the rate is still higher than the average historical range. >> and finally this half hour, video game fans have deep pockets. the new halo 4 has racked up sales of $220 million in just its first 24 hours on sale. that is the biggest launch ever in the series. available for x box. >> why could pay to shop around when it comes to buying new appliances. >> still ahead, we're going to sit down with the founder of washington consumer's checkbook with ways to save when it comes to household appliances. it is 8:25. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
new this morning at 8:28, the capitol beltway's make over is complete. it will open on saturday. a ribbon cutting for the new 495 express lanes will take place. virginia governor will be in attendance. log on to our web site and search express lanes. there you'll find a full guide explaining the best way to use the lanes. i'm going to get on it and drive. >> you better be prepared. have you seen the lanes yet? they are so pristine and pretty. >> no, you haven't driven on them. >> i had a road trip down in virginia. >> if you have been on them, don't tell anybody. >> all right. what do you have for us? >> it's raining out across the area. slowing the morning commute. and the rain showers are winding down. it's not going to rain all day.
8:30 am
i know it looks great and not pleasant early. we'll get sunshine in here later. along with much cooler air that started to move in behind the front here. there's the last of your rain showers out to our west. out towards sterling and dulles. and if you are out towards marshal and winchester, we're not done with the rain showers for you. we'll see the last of the showers across the 95 corridor here in the next hour or so. things, again, will gradually be improving later today. here's a bigger look. cold front and you can really feel the air. big change in air mass. the winds have picked up and has filtered in. right now only in the mid 40s. much colder air off to our north and west. as we get into the nighttime hours. 44 now in washington. that's a big cool down from yesterday. 39 in gathers burg. 39 in winchester.
8:31 am
so mix in wind s out of the north and the west gusting to 20 to 25. and it feels like 30s outside. so it's going to be a brisk day. winds gusting to 21. all right. here's your accu weather 7 day forecast. we're going to be on the chilly side. 52 today with afternoon sunshine. once again, it's going to be breezy. bring a jacket. cold tonight. 36 in town north and west. clear skies. only 50 tomorrow. lots of sunshine into the beginning of our weekend. that's a look at weather. tony, over to you. >> thank you very much, tucker. whether you are replacing a faulty fridge or oven, it pays to do your homework before buying a new appliance. joining us is robert founder and president of washington consumer's checkbook. here's the latest issue. and it's full of great information. let's start with appliances. i've had to go through this recently for
8:32 am
a couple things and this helps a lot. >> first thing you need to do, you got to do your homework and figure out what you need and how much it all costs. >> yeah. and it really pays to shop around. go to different stores. get advice from different stores. the independent retailers tend to give better advice than the chain stores. and then you want to compare price. particularly once you've decided what you want it's easy to compare price. just call from store to store. let the stores know you are calling around for competitive quotes on that particular appliance. because you may think the big chains don't have flexibility but some have disability. i'm going to take the best price i can get. after you have those prices, try to select a store that's going to give you really good service. they are going to deliver on time. checkbook found big
8:33 am
differences whether they deliver on time or a good installation job. make sure you ask about the price of the appliance, but the delivery charge. installation charge. charge to hall away the old appliance. >> they never delivered the dishwasher. it was a nightmare. i won't get into it. let's talk about some of these prices. the range is quite wide in some cases. >> you wouldn't think so. this is a product that is easy to shop for. they couldn't get away with it. we found differences of $500, $600 for some of these appliances. >> if you find a price online, cause a lot of people like to do the online price comparisons. if you find a price online, print that out and take it in to the store. will they match that? >> many stores will match that. we found in our price shopping that in many cases even the
8:34 am
independent retailers did better than the big chains in many cases. and better than you could get online. so yes, there's a lot of flexibility in how they are going to price these things. you want to talk to the manager. and not a bad idea to do this by phone. they know you may not come unless you get that good price. >> you talk about all the other services and everything. and one thing we all get approached about is these warranty plans. i know what the general thinking about that is. in terms of appliances, does it make sense to get that or no? >> no. yes and no. it is true that no is the answer. the vast majority of the money that's taken in for those warranties is never paid out. because most people don't have problems with these appliances or not in the term of that warranty. >> let's talk about water
8:35 am
proofing your basement. another topic you cover in the magazine. and something people are focusing on right now. water proofing the base amount. another area where you have absolutely got to do your homework. >> before you even get to the water proofing companies do your homework about whether you can solve the problem without a water proofing company. most of the water that gets into people's base amounts is rain water. comes off the roof, rains in the yard and runs toward your house. once it is accumulated around your house, it is likely to seep through those walls. make sure you have gutters in good condition. the down spouts are away from the house and your train around your house is slanted away from the house. that will solve the vast majority of problems. >> do that first. we showed a graphic with the tips.
8:36 am
price range of nearly $10,000? >> for this particular job we got 6 different firms to bid on. that's not at all unusual. checkbook has been doing these types of tests with firms for years. many years. and again and again we find first of all, firms p don't talk about the landscaping solution or the drainage solution. they talk about putting tiles in your basement, putting a pump in your base amount. that might solve the problem. all the water in and back out. if it's reliable, the pump works but likely to cost much more. much simpler solution is getting the water away from your house. >> all right. all the information is in the current issue and you can get a lot of it online at my fox dc doichlt thank you, sir. >> still ahead at 8:00, the ill factor. dr. mike joins us live with a look at the health
8:37 am
dangers lurking on your child's pacifier. a national honor for brice harper. and as we take you to the break, another edition under the microscope. croscope. >> and now that's my take with wttg vice president and general manager. >> to many in the district chief financial officer who oversees the office of tax and revenue is one of several people who have been giving credit for the financial turn around the district has experienced. the transformation from the city on a financial brink to a city that has produced balance budgets, surpluses and bond rating september remarkable. to others, he is a manager who can't fix the problems that are in his tax office for years. cost the city millions in tax revenue. no one who has lived in the region since 2007 with
8:38 am
forget the fraud by the manager who ripped off the tax office to the tune of $48 million. that monster scam preceded a case uncovered in 2011 that involved a tax examiner who generated phoney refunds. a third case of fraud has come to light. an ex employee pleaded guilty to filing 282 false dc tax returns and 973 false federal returns that netted tax refunds of more than $14.7 million. then there's the issue of transparency or the lack of it. scheme to leave internal audits in draft form so he was not required to release the audit results. more concerned about his reputation and job security. this has now triggered a confidential informal inquiry by the exchange
8:39 am
commission who was concerned there may have been a failure to disclose finalings at the time of bond offerings. what a mess. why would dc think it can afford to keep someone like him in control of the office of tax and revenue much longer? that's my take. let me know what you think. go to and go to that's my take or send me an e-mail. introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ [ knocking ]
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the off season awards are mounting for the washington nationals. >> three silver sluggers and one gold glove. now, you can add rookie of the year. brice harper named national league rookie of the year. 270 with 22 home runs, 59 runs batted in and a number of great defensive plays. mike trout, al rookie of the year. davy johnson is among the final cysts. >> back to work for the redskins after the bye week this sunday. the eagles come to town for a battle of 3 and 6 teams. mike shanahan gave his team a five day break. robert griffin iii says his ribs are feeling better.
8:43 am
all back on the practice field after nursing injuries. >> you have sore ribs but you have to get back in there on sunday. >> got to do the best you can. >> these are warriors. it is 8:42 and it's a tuesday morning. and coming up next , five warning signs you could be on the fast track to developing alzheimers disease. >> a lesson from and firsthand look from an award winning photographer at national geographic. >> reporter: good morning. it is fun to learn from the best of the best. we are previewing dc foto week. and yes, -- 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
let's take timeout to say hello and good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today we say hi to jerico. for your chance to be facebook fan of the day go to facebook and leave a comment under his picture.
8:47 am
>> this year organizers hope to present the best and fine art photography and photo journalism. >> we are getting photo tips from a national geographic photographer. holly joins us. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is such a treat. a treat for all of you watching and a treat for me. michael has come in from connecticut. 50 plus assignments for national geographic. he is doing a seminar this morning. but we get him for a few minutes this morning. >> good morning. >> when did you know you had an eye? >> i'm still trying to develop my eye. >> really? >> that's probably why you are so good. you are still trying to perfect your craft even though you are at the top of your game. >> it's just out there. it's just nature is so perfect. it's just a matter of it being there and going it's right there.
8:48 am
>> let's take a look at some of your work. michael has shared wonderful photos with us. this is a special trip you did to alaska. >> i did an assignment for the yellow magazine a couple years ago. this one here was teacher of the year and they are set netting for salmon. i did a story on this gold mine and copper mine at the head waters of this salmon spawning area. we went up there to follow the salmon. and this is in alaska. >> let's take a look at the next picture. do you know -- i mean, i know you take hundreds and thousands of pictures to find the one. do you know when you capture it or is it when you go back? >> sometimes i know right away. but that first picture whereiss. she picked it up and kissed it and
8:49 am
said i love these fish. and i snapped two frame. one of them was the right one. >> and this one? >> i shot 200 pictures. they are taking the fish out of the net and throwing them. i'm shooting hoping to catch the fish in the air. >> when you are out there and this is a tip for all of us trying to capture nature. look at that. that is amazing. i'm thinking you try to be as nonobtursive as you can to be part of the scene. >> absolutely. especially when you are shooting wildlife. you have to respect their space. but even in shooting nature or anything. try and be there. and not impose myself on what's going on. this one i slowed down the shutter speed and panning my camera with the head of the bear. i had to shoot a lot of frames to get one. >> i think the next one is like
8:50 am
a meeting of bears. now, are you safe? how far are you from these? >> this is a place called brooks falls up in alaska. they have a platform there. and you are there with about 30 of your closest friends all photographers. and what happens is the salmon are coming upstream to spawn and they come to this water fall and jumping up the water fall and the bears know this is prime hunting grounds. so those two up there are catching salmon mid air and the one down below he's waiting the salmon to fall down. he puts his foot on it and puts his head under water. >> amazing to me where your camera has taken you. >> this is prime spot underneath the falls there at brooks falls. the big male bears all want
8:51 am
prime spots. they will spawn with each other. they are definitely fighting like you and i could be for airtime. >> did you ever get nervous when you are taking a photo? >> i try not to put myself in harm's way. >> good. >> you won't find me in yemmen any time soon. i did do a story that ran in march. >> you are a person to have at a dinner party. >> i like to eat. >> and you have a book real quickly. >> we turned this story into a book called hidden alaska, bristol bay and beyond. and it's just all the pictures i've taken in alaska. i've been there maybe 20 times. i love alaska. >> we love you were here with us. thank you very much. you can say hey i know him. i saw him on fox 5 morning news. is our web site
8:52 am
. we are live at foto week central. this is like 10 exhibits in one. open through late sunday night. more contest winners coming up in our next hour. >> beautiful photos. thanks so much. >> well, babies love them. parents love them too. but are pacifiers safe for children? a new study found gross stuff linked to allergies and asthma. fox medical team joins us now live with a warning about the health risks. and dr. mike, who knew pacifiers could be so nasty? good morning. >> hello. how are you? >> doing okay. thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you. i brought my own personal pacifier with me. lord knows i need one everyday. and my wife says i'm like a 2 year old. but basically this is what the study showed. they cultured these things and found over 40
8:53 am
different kinds of bacteria and some fungus on them. before parents panic and throw out all of their pacifiers. there was no evidence that a dirty pacifier actually led to a kid getting sick. but what they did recommend was that you get rid of them after two weeks. my daughter is amy. she's one. we get rid of it after two weeks. if you drop it on the floor, make sure and just clean it. and some of the researchers suggested even cleaning them overnight in den tour cleaning solution next to grandpa jones den tour. that's overkill but it is what it is. >> what if we just wash them. you still say they end of that two weeks get rid of them? >> yeah. people that wear contact lenses. they never get rid of the plastic containers. it's best to get rid of them.
8:54 am
i must say this quickly. kids need to be stimulated by bacteria and viruses early on so they can fight off infections. so you don't want to put a kid in a bubble and never have exposure to bacteria. kids in day care get sycamore often early in life but later they get sick less. >> interesting. >> don't worry about it. clean them up. >> new research could offer clues whether you are on fast track to alzheimers. like parkinsons, dementia. frightening for us who forget where our car is parked at the mall. >> yes. that happens to all of us from lack of sleep and stress which we all have now. what i'm talking about are things like instead of losing your keys on the counter, you put them in the fridge. that's a problem. or if your boss says go get me a
8:55 am
cup of coffee and two seconds later you don't remember get a cup of coffee. or if you have trouble remembering things like you are looking at your watch and can't remember the name of what it is, that's a problem. so those are the things and remember about 5% of people with alzheimers develop early on set and that can occur in 30s, 40s and 50s. if you are having problems and you know who you are out there, get checked out and get formal testing by your doctor. >> thank you so much. got to leave it there but good to see you. have a great day. >> you're great. thank you. >> stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, the
8:59 am
investigation into david patraeus sex scandal widens. why another top military official is now under investigation. >> plus, i'm sitting down with the author of a book to find out why men, specifically men, cheat. >> okay. power problems. thousands in new york are still in the dark. what's being done to help them in a live report at 9:15. >> and later, we are talking holiday deals. plus a new viral song that may be stuck in your head for the next few weeks. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and time tony perkins. i was going to say it takes two to tango. >> why would powerful men cheat. so much to lose. >> it's 9:00 right now and we want to go to tucker barnes. he's in the weather center and has the latest on today's forecast. >> don't say a word about what we talked about. >> i'm not going to touch that subject. i'm going to le

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